Conference Talks

  • RailsConf 2022 - Reflecting on Active Record Associations

    Active Record associations seem magical—add a has_many here, a belongs_to there, and suddenly your models are loaded with behavior. Could it be magic, or is it plain old Ruby with some thoughtful design and a bit of metaprogramming? In this talk we'll study Active Record associations by writing our own belongs_to and has_many macros. We'll dynamically define methods, cache query results, replace a a Relation with a CollectionProxy, and automatically prevent N+1 queries with inverses. You'll leave with a deeper understanding of associations, and a new appreciation for their magic. Slides for RailsConf 2022 Talk


Check out these episodes if you want to hear me talk about Ruby, factory_bot, music, and more!

  • Ruby Rogues

    Daniel Colson, from thoughtbot and maintainer of Factory Bot, joins Dave Kimura, Luke Sutters, Tom Rossi, and John Epperson and discuss the transition from a Music career to a development career. We also dive into Factory Bot and its use cases.

  • The Bike Shed

    On this week's episode, Chris is joined by Daniel Colson, developer in our New York studio and current maintainer of all things FactoryBot. Chris & Daniel discuss Daniel's work as maintainer of one of thoughtbot's most popular open source projects and some of the parallels to thoughtbot's consulting work. They then discuss a bit more on the specifics of FactoryBot and what's in store for upcoming versions.